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How To Write a Review For a Mover

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May 11, 2016 |

When it comes to sharing your thoughts on a local mover there are many aspects of the business that you should focus on. Knowing what you should be paying attention to in an online review and what may be of help to other customers is important. Here are some top tips on how you can structure a quality online mover review that will offer benefits to someone who may be looking for an experienced mover in your area.

Before we speak about what you should cover on a moving company, it’s important to know why you should leave a review. One of the most important aspects of hiring a moving company today is making sure that that company can offer unprecedented value and good quality of service. A moving review not only benefits other users but he can benefit a moving company directly by showcasing the job that they have done.

You can write reviews online on major review sites like Angie’s list, Yelp and Google to name a few.

The best reviews consist of these main elements:

Your story: be sure to share your story and the background and considerations for your particular move. When people can better relate to your situation they can really start to put themselves in the same situation and identify with your move a little better. Explaining your situation also gives a more accurate portrayal of what the movers were dealing with during your service.

Customer service: customer service is one of the biggest aspects of a move and you should record responses such as how the employees spoke to you, if the staff remained on schedule and if the budget that they outlined remained the same. Recording responses like whether or not the company was polite and professional as a whole can go a long way in a review.

The value of the service: Talk about the service. Record the speed of the service and how involved the moving company was. Talk about the large or fragile items that the company had to move and what potentially impressed you over the course of the move.

The overall results: be sure to sum up your review with the overall results of the move. Talk about any potential damages, how fast they got done, if the company compensated you for being late and other positive responses. If you can sum up your overall experience this can be a great closing point or verdict on whether or not to use these services.

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