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Tips & checklist for Condo moving

condo moving tip & checklist
June 7, 2014 |

Condo living can be fabulous. The amazing amenities the special perks, and the views are usually fantastic, but the moving process itself can be time consuming and less than fun. To help you out on your move, we have gathered some tips and a checklist to get you going.


Take care of the most important things first. Don’t wait to the last minute to transfer your medical records or forward your address. Do these things first so you don’t have to worry about them on moving day.

Clearly label all of your boxes. One great tip is to use color coated labels to identify which room a box belongs in. This will allow movers to easily follow your instructions and all you have to do is give them the label guide and let them go to work.

Start packing right away. Don’t wait for your movers to show up to start getting your items together. Make sure everything is ready by the time moving time comes.

Condo Checklist

  • Book an elevator for your move. Many high-rise complexes have elevators that require reservations. Check with the building to see if this is necessary.
  • Reach out for moving quotes from companies.
  • Review any moving companies you are considering for your move.
  • Read and re-read the agreement from your new condo.
  • Save money in case anything unexpected occurs.
  • Change your address
  • Withdraw any funds left in local banks that need to be closed.
  • Inform utility companies of your move and ask the Condo management what utilities, if any, will be left on.
  • Give movers your phone number and clear directions to the condo. Also be sure to be there before they arrive.
  • Fill your prescriptions
  • Disconnect your refrigerator the night before the move
  • Pack a suitcase full of clothing and items you will need when you arrive at the condo.
  • Add renters insurance to your policy for extra protection of your belongings.
  • Wait to disconnect your telephone until after you move out of your previous home.
  • Get a floor plan of your new place and figure out how you want your furniture setup.
  • Make travel plans to arrive on time to the condo.
  • Review your instructions with the movers to make sure you on the same page.

Be prepared for your big day by following this checklist, and enjoy your new home at your condo!

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