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RV Rental & Moving – Companies & Services

June 18, 2014 |

Moving to a new home involves more than just packing up the boxes. Every item that you own must be transported to the new location or eliminated. Fortunately, there are many RV rental and moving services available for you to use. As with anything, it is vital to research and understand your options prior to making your decision. The following is a simple guide to renting an RV to make your move in much easier transition, and the options that are available.

RV rentals, are they worth it?

If you are single you probably will have no trouble moving your belongings to their new location, however, if you are married with small children it becomes increasingly difficult to transition into your new home. To help make things easier, RV rental services are available through certain moving companies. The services include the following:

  • Fully equipped RVs. Whether you need a living room, three beds, and a bathroom an RV will be equipped to handle your needs.
  • Plenty of space to pack and organize your items. RV rentals can double as a rental or storage space while you move to your new home. Unlike U-Haul’s, they also come with living spaces and entertainment options for families.
  • Attachments to transport your vehicle. Most RV services also include a trailer hitch which can be used to transport your vehicles. This is an added bonus and can reduce the cost of transporting your car.

Available options with RV rental services

There are many benefits to renting an RV during your move. Such added benefits include discounted rates on storage and lodging during your move. Although you may not realize it immediately, you may need to rent a hotel room before your home is ready for you to move in. This can add to the costs of moving and leave you and your family broke. However, you can avoid this situation by planning ahead and renting an RV.

RV rentals also offer your family the opportunity to ride in style instead of being squished in a cramped vehicle. With an endless array of entertainment options, an RV rental can serve as a vacation in between homes. Keep in mind, however, that it is important to secure your belongings while traveling to avoid any injury to your family or to yourself.

Why not consider an RV rental during your move, you will be surprised at how fun it can be to travel cross-country in an RV.

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