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Packing and moving checklist by room

moving by room
June 7, 2014 |

So your making a big move and don’t know where to start. You have boxes, markers, tape, and color coated tabs but you don’t where to begin. Well, if you are like the average mover, chances are your moving strategy is, well, nonexistent. Don’t let that be your reality. Instead, use our hand dandy checklist to help you pack and move your house one room at a time.


Start with your least used bedrooms like the guest bedrooms. Follow this check list.

  • Sort and pack the closet from top to bottom
  • Use trash bags to pack coats or unused clothing items
  • Clean the closet from top to bottom while it is empty
  • Make two piles, keep and toss
  • Make another pile from the toss pile for donations
  • Unpack dressers and sort accordingly
  • Take down pictures and wall décor and box


The kitchen should be the last room packed, however there are few items you can and should pack right away. Follow this list below.

  • Sort and select the items you will keep and donate
  • Set aside an ‘essentials’ box that includes cutlery, food, pans, or plates that you will need
  • Start with items you don’t use like vases and decorative items
  • Pack wine bottles
  • Pack and eliminate your junk drawer
  • Leave a few plates, glasses, and cutlery out until you move.

Living Room

  • Empty your entertainment center first
  • Box DVD’s and trinkets into one box for organization
  • Keep wires and connections together in one bag
  • Take a picture of all your electronic connections to your TV for future reassembling
  • Pack all books together
  • Remove any wall pictures and put aside for movers
  • Prepare furniture for movers by cleaning and breaking down anything that can be


  • Start with cabinets remove and pack all medications together
  • Sort through toiletries that you don’t need and eliminate them
  • Pack only what you need and use, throw out any half way used bottles
  • Anything broken or cracked should be thrown out
  • Use only small boxes for your bathroom packing


  • De-clutter and sort through files
  • Empty your desk drawers, keeping and packing only the essentials
  • Carefully determine which books to keep and which ones to discard
  • Pack and label all electronic equipment that works, donate or recycle the rest

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