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How often do Americans move and why

usa moving
June 7, 2014 |

Perhaps it is because our ancestors moved far away from their homeland to travel to the America’s in hopes of finding a better life or perhaps we are gypsies but whatever the reason, Americans love to move. It is estimated that Americans will move at least 9 different times in their life, and that number is based on Americans aged 18 and older! So how often do Americans really move, and what causes us to do so?

It turns out that, out of a population of 310 million individuals a staggering 35.2 million of them move in just one year. That percentage is incredible. America is one of the biggest nations on earth, and because of this fact people are stretched and scattered from border to border. They are not novices to moving. In fact, they embrace it. People who stay in one location most of their lives tend to reside in the heartland and grow up with a different set of values than those on the east and west coasts. However, even they can expect to move several times in their lifetime. Everything from military service to new job opportunities keeps them moving.

Out of the 35 million American’s listed above, 23 million of them moved to locations within their county and 4 million of them moved to a new state. This means that most moves take place within the same city as an individual’s current one. Although these numbers seem high, it turns out that these rates are actually low considering past decades. It is believed that this number is reducing or leveling out because American’s are aging and the younger generation is not quite keeping up with the rate of older individuals.

Why Do American’s Move?

There is several reasons American’s stay on the move. These reasons include the following.

  • They are in need of a bigger or smaller home depending on their current situation
  • For better climate conditions or for an overall better place to live out their lives
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Retirement plans change and they move into a smaller more affordable home
  • Shifts in neighborhoods, once affordable now may be unacceptable living conditions
  • Health challenges
  • Seeking a better life in a new city with more opportunity, or conversely moving to a small town for more peace and quiet
  • To get their children into a better school district where they will thrive and stay out of trouble.

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