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What Should You Do If Movers Caused Damage?

What should you do if movers caused damage?
May 11, 2016 |

If you have fallen into a situation where movers caused serious damage on a property that you are leaving you can run into a very difficult problem where you are responsible for damages or repairs after leaving your old home. Damages can certainly happen in the process of moving but the good news is that many insurance companies often carry insurance premiums which can be used to pay for these damages. In order to access these extra funds however you may have to open up an official claim or lawsuit.

While most moves to go well it’s important to consider filing a claim if movers have damaged your property or the property of a new homeowner that’s moving into your previous home. Whether the movers damaged your furniture, walls, floors, electronics or other items you need to consider filing a claim or speaking to the mover directly.

Most reputable movers will dip into their insurance to reimburse you for the damages that were caused usually a trustworthy mover can provide you with the reimbursement before the process of filing a lawsuit or actually registering a complaint legally needs to take place. While nobody really enjoys filing a particular claim against a mover, it could be required if you are not properly compensated.

If you have been renting the property that the mover damaged it’s very important that you speak with your landlord immediately. If serious damage has occurred to the floors, walls or other aspects of a home a landlord will want to be compensated for the damages immediately. Even if you aren’t directly responsible for the upkeep of the property you could be responsible for compensating your landlord in the form of your security deposit or last month’s rent. Rather than paying for the damages out of your own pocket, the mover should stand up and offer compensation directly. Early notification is one of the best ways to handle this however so that your landlord is always in the loop.

Once you spot the damage you need to immediately inform the movers as well as record the damage with the help of a cell phone camera or camera that the movers may carry. Don’t clean up after the damages immediately but be sure to record the original condition of the accident or damage in case the mess can’t be cleaned up or immediately repaired.

Usually with a small claims court suit you will have around nine months to fill out a form and obtain compensation from a mover. Be sure to record every detail on a claim form and make sure that evidence is available for inspection in the suit. If a mover refuses to compensate you don’t be afraid to ask for legal counsel or escalate your claim to small claims court. If you have experienced damages from a moving professional you have the right to ask for reimbursement.

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