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Importing cars – process & tips

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June 18, 2014 |

If you are moving to another country or to the US and you need to relocate your vehicle we have gathered together a few important steps that you need to consider during the process. There are certain legal requirements that you must adhere to throughout the relocation that can be complicated to follow.

Make sure to complete the proper documentation

US custom laws and transportation laws are different than that of other countries, and it is important to bear this in mind when filling out the proper documents. Three important documents must be completed before your vehicle can successfully be imported. These documents include the following:

  • the carriers original bill of landing
  • the original bill of sale
  • and foreign registration

Other documents that are necessary are generally provided by the company That is carrying your vehicle. Request this information up front to make sure that you can avoid any hassles.

Clean your car’s undercarriage

The US, like many other foreign countries, requires that your vehicle be free from any foreign pests that could be transported across the border. Steam spraying is generally effective in cleaning the vehicle, however, the more thorough the cleaning the better.

Pay the Duty

Any and all vehicles that were made in a foreign country will be taxed a duty the. Regardless of the use of your vehicle, the US government considers it within their jurisdiction to charge you a duty fee for transporting your vehicle. Car owners can expect to pay a 2.5% duty while motorcycle owners could see a the up to 25%. Keep this in mind when budgeting for your relocation.

Keep in mind gas guzzler taxes

Certain imported vehicles can be charged a gas guzzling fee. This tax is generally a combination of urban and highway fuel economy rates for your vehicle. Again, it is a good idea to analyze this tax prior to shipping your imported car.

Do not use your vehicle to ship or store items

Some shippers simply do not accept vehicles that are full of personal belongings. The reasons may vary, but for the safety of your personal belongings it is a good idea to completely remove anything you do not want stolen. It is common for items to go missing during transit, so keep this in mind when packing or unpacking your vehicle.

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