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How to Find Local Moving Companies

February 17, 2016 |

There are a number of ways to find the best local moving companies for your residential or commercial needs. If you need to hire a mover fast for your local move you should strongly consider using these methods and more to find the best company for the job. Here are top tips in finding local moving companies.

Check local business listings: Checking local moving companies business listing directories can be a great way to narrow down your search as well as find top reviews for your area. Some databases simply feature listings of your local area movers but others will have user reviews as well as comments and service breakdowns so that you can make better informed decisions.

Check your local business bureau page: The Better Business Bureau will often mention some of the top Moving Companies in your area based on the quality of service that they provide. By visiting your local Better Business Bureau page you can get access to the best listings of local movers.

Ask friends or family: Speaking to friends or family member can be a great option when it comes to finding a local mover that has worked with people close to you. These type of recommendations are often more trustworthy than online reviews and you might even be able to get a referral bonus discount as a result of speaking to family members.

Check online review sites: Online review sites like yelp and Google are a wealth of information for local service contractors. The best part about finding a mover through these listings is that you can check online reviews for movers in the process.

Check social media: You can often find local moving companies on social media sites like facebook by doing a quick search in your local area.

Use these top tips to find the best moving companies in your local area.

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