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What to do before going into a new house?

What to do before going into a new house?
May 13, 2016 |

If you are moving into a new home you may need to make a number big arrangements before you actually move your stuff in and make yourself at home. Making the appropriate arrangements and planning ahead can be an excellent way that you can prepare for living in a new house and ensure your comfort as soon as you do move all of your items over to the new space. Here are some of the best things that you can do to prepare your space before getting into a new home.

Do a walkthrough: Before its time to actually move out of your home you could consider doing a walk-through of some of the items that you might need to take care of or pack up before you call the movers. If there are various repairs that are conditional on you leaving, created checklist of those repairs or areas to clean as you pack your stuff. Creating a large list of things that you might need to tackle before you officially moved out, will ensure that you won’t miss anything or potentially miss out on a damage deposit or serious charge when someone new takes possession of the home.

Call an exterminator: if you have an area of your home that is infested with bugs or rodents. It could be finally time to call an exterminator. Even if you have a shed or basement that has become infested with some type of animal or insect, it’s always a good idea to get rid of them before the new people take possession so that you can avoid serious charges and more. Exterminators may need lots of notice so be sure to make this one of the first things on your list. Remember that you may need to pack up portions of your home so that the exterminator can do their job so this can be motivation to handle your packing effort much faster.

Do a deep clean: Cleaning is a big aspect of preparing your home for new owners and making sure that your space is as clean as possible. There is no need to take extra dust bunnies with you to your new home. You can consider doing a deep clean of your home to prepare for moving but remember that packing up your stuff will definitely stir up some dust. Make sure that you are prepared to do several cleans before you actually move out of your house. One thing that you could consider is hiring the services of a maid to do an advanced deep cleaning service several times. The new residents will definitely appreciate this and it will likely give you some extra room to move and pack.

Get rid of old items: Why move items you won’t need in a new home? Consider downsizing so your items before you move to a brand-new home. Call a junk cleaning service or make regular trips to the dump to downsize some of your items so that you can save money on your overall moving costs and cut down on some of your clutter. Without all of the old items in your home you can finally enjoy your new home by maximizing the space it has to offer.

Do last checks on your walls/electricity and plumbing: Do some final checks on your most important home services. Check your walls for holes, make sure that the electricity works in each room and make sure that all of the plumbing and fixtures work correctly in the bathrooms and throughout the kitchen. If you don’t make regular repairs to these items before you leave you could be on the hook for some extra repair costs as soon as you get into your new home. Rather than risking a bill, make sure to do all of these final checks.

Clean appliances: Be sure to clean out your oven, clean out your fridge, remove produce and more from the fridge to make sure that you aren’t leaving any filthy food items or leftovers for new residents. Doing some of these final checks and making sure to remove these items will make sure that new residents won’t have to spend all of their time in the new house cleaning before they can enjoy it. Consider the types of appliances that you might want to leave behind in your home and do what you can to keep those appliances new if you are planning on leaving them.

Maintain lawn and landscaping: Be sure to make arrangements to keep up your lawn and landscaping between the time that you move out and a new owner takes possession of the home. If your landscaping falls into disrepair you may have to pay for a landscaper to improve the look of the home before someone moves in. Regularly going over to cut the lawn and water the grass/gardens if you have moved out before your closing date is important to maintaining the value of your property.

Gather up your important documents: Be sure to gather up your important documents and make appropriate photocopies. With documents like birth certificates, vaccination records, insurance papers and passports photographed or copied you can at least have a backup copy if these are lost in the move or if you for some reason have trouble finding them when your first move in.

Consider getting rid of garbage: there could be nothing worse than arriving in a new home only to have two dispose of the last persons garbage. Consider making a run to the local landfill or finding a way that you could get rid of your garbage so that the new homeowners don’t have to deal with it. If you have excessive garbage from throwing things out in the home, this is something you really need to consider.

Keep some of these ideas in mind when you are building a checklist of to do items on your list of things to do before you officially vacate your old residence.

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