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Posted by: Piglips on 26 August, 2017

We were appalled by the total lack of care shown the by moving company. They never once contacted me. The only contact was from an online survey company that had us record a video of our house. They never went over the survey with us. They did not contact us to tell us they were not going to show up on the scheduled date. I only found out the day before when I called to ask what time they were coming. Over the next two days, and many phone calls on my part, I found out that there was no driver assigned to my move. When the driver did show up 4 days late, he and the packers complained that they were not getting paid enough. The packers took no care in protecting our items. We continue to find empty tape rolls in our boxes. They added massive amounts of paper to some boxes, and if to bulk up the weight and pad their pockets, yet mattresses and many other items were not boxed or wrapped. The truck had an obvious water leak, as evidenced by the water damage on some of our items, including the finish on my wife's antique piano being destroyed. The driver repeatedly ridiculed our religion. At our new house they refused to unpack our items. We have an extensive list of items broken, many irreplaceable. The driver lied about the condition of our items, but we have pictures before the move to prove condition. Too bad the insurance won't dry the tears of my children, which I get to face every time they find another precious item destroyed


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