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Don’t get scammed: 5 Things to Check Before you Hire the Cheapest Mover

January 5, 2016 |

Choosing an affordable mover isn’t as easy as it sounds. Besides the price, you also want to consider the following 5 things to check before you hire the cheapest mover on your list.

Verify their license

Every mover should have a business license. Each state has its own qualifications for moving companies. You can easily check if a company is verified and legally able to do business in the state you are moving too. Do this by heading to the MCR website. It varies from state to state, so do your homework.

Are they professional

Do they answer the phone, “Hello” or do they answer it with their company name? If they aren’t professional in something simple like answering their phone, then you shouldn’t assume they’ll handle your move with professionalism.

Get it in writing

The worst thing you can do is hand over a deposit without getting some sort of contract in writing. Cheap moving companies can come with a bunch of heartache if you don’t get a contract for the work you hired them to do.

Check out their moving reviews

Moving Reviews are essential to knowing what to expect once you hire a company. They allow you to see and review what other clients have to say about the company and they also make sure you can confidently hire them. Make this one of your top priorities.

Trust your instinct

You can never go wrong trusting your instincts. If you have a bad feeling about a company, then you’re probably better off hiring someone else. Ignoring it could mean you and your belongings are left out in the cold.

Keep these tips in mind when hiring your next moving company, and experience better results for it.

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