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Damages caused by movers – what to do?

moving damages
June 7, 2014 |

It is every mover’s nightmare. You schedule an appointment with a moving company they arrive on time, and seemingly safely pack your items. But when they unload your stuff you notices scratches on your furniture and broken valuables you cannot replace. Now what do you do? You likely want to scream and yell and cause a scene with the movers who stand before you. Don’t. Before you lose yourself in a fit of rage, consider the following information on how to best handle the situation.

The first step is take pictures of every item you believe was damaged. Hopefully you took before pictures of all of your items so you can prove it was their fault that the items were damaged. If you notice the damage when the movers are still unloading items, bring it to their attention. After they have finished unloading all of your belongings they should hand you a checklist that describes your items and you will be required to sign off on it. However, there should also be a location to report any damages. File your report in this location. Be as detailed as possible and mention that you have photos to prove the damage occurred on their watch. The movers may offer to settle with you while they are there, claiming they can refund your money right away. Do NOT accept any offer by the movers. File the claim with the company who is in charge of the moves.

After you have told the movers about the damage, the next step is to go straight to the moving company and file a claim. Include any evidence of the damage in your report. This will help expedite the process. Next, you will want to leave out your damaged property so that the moving company can inspect the damage and offer you compensation. Chances are, the company will try to haggle you for the lowest price on your items, but don’t let them get away with that. Stand your ground and threaten a lawsuit if they continue to refuse to pay. This will motivate them to give you your rightly deserve compensation.

Although moving should be a smooth process to get your new life started, many times you run into hiccups. Whatever you do, don’t let any damage to your belongings get you so upset that you are even more stressed out than before the move. Take a few deep breaths and follow the advice above if you run into any difficulties with movers.

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