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Company & Business moving checklist tips & ideas

business moving
June 7, 2014 |

If your business is moving to a new location, even across town, there is a serious process involved with neatly and safely transporting important information. Not only that, but you also have to make sure your customers are taken care of during the transition. To help you out, we have crafted together a few tips and ideas along with a small checklist for you to review and follow at your convenience. Every business is different, but these ideas are universal.

Tips and Ideas

Start by designating a moving committee. Make these individuals in charge of things such as finding an interior designer, hiring movers, and consulting with the new buildings board members. Their connection to your new business location will improve the entire process of moving and establish your company with the new building management. Determine a time frame to move in. In other words, set a deadline for the move. This is crucial to ensuring that the move takes place when you say it will. Don’t hesitate to crack down employees who are falling behind with the moving time frame. Remind them of how important this move is to motivate them to keep up. You also want to plan out design options and ideas for your new company location. Is it smaller than your current location? Then plan out how you can downsize office items that aren’t necessary to the function of your business.
In addition, if you are building a new business location then make sure to finalize the new floor plan with the contractors. Analyze whether any improvements can be made to the current floor plan and consider your employee’s needs when going over these plans. The easier it is for your employee’s to do their job, the more successful your business will be. Also, get estimates of costs for moving your entire office and critique the estimate to determine where you can reduce costs.


  • Select new telephone services
  • Contact internet providers for accurate estimates
  • Order new stationary with the new address located on it
  • Order new business cards
  • Choose the right moving company
  • Verify the computer systems will installed on the date necessary
  • Inform customers and clients of the business move
  • Complete any and all office service changes
  • Get new building keys from building management
  • Confirm the move with moving committee.

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