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Changing Your Address When Moving

Changing address when moving
May 11, 2016 |

When the time comes to change your address there are many things to consider changing over so that you can have an easy transition into your new home or your new office. Changing your address can be somewhat stressful but by using this checklist you can make sure that you handle every aspect of the transition to avoid serious embarrassment.

Changing your services: essential services will need to know that you are changing over your address. You will need to first notify your utilities such as the electric, gas, water and perhaps even the garbage company to make sure that you can receive these essential services that your brand-new address.

You may also want to consider water delivery, fuel delivery, pool services, housecleaning services and lawn services if you have already been using these at your previous address. Changing over these services will ensure that you don’t have any type of service interruption.

Secondary services may also include extras like setting up your cable and internet, changing the address log on your mobile phone account or setting up a new landline at your new address. In many cases you can call these utility companies to set up an appointment when you move into a brand-new apartment or home so that services will be ready to access on the data you move in.

Tertiary services such as notifying your physician, your attorney and other professionals could prove helpful as well.

Changing your financial information: changing your address also means that you will need to update all of your financial and personal accounts. Make sure that the bank has a new record of your home, all of the department store credits and rewards cards have a record of your changed address and your insurance agencies have been updated as well. You may also need to manually update pension plans, accountant records and professional memberships.

Government services: Use mail forwarding with the post office to make sure that any extra services you forget about will be forwarded to your new address. Be sure to update your new address for income taxes, family support, unemployment insurance, your vehicle registration, driver’s license and perhaps even pension benefits.

Subscriptions: if you have ongoing magazine subscriptions, mail order items or a regular newspaper make sure that you update these subscription services so that you can get them at your new home.

Keep some of these top notifications in mind when you are changing over your address.

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