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How can you check a mover’s insurance policy before signing a contract?

What should you do if movers caused damage?
May 13, 2016 |

If you are trying to decide on whether or not to sign a contract for a new move and you want to make sure that your new mover has appropriate insurance for all of your valuables, you should check into their insurance policy. Some movers have comprehensive insurance policies to compensate you for various damages on all of your items. With million dollar insurance policies available from some movers, it’s possible to have a great peace of mind over your move knowing that everything is covered and that the mover is extremely responsible.

Having an insurance policy especially a long-distance move is always an excellent requirement. With the right insurance policy you can make sure that all of your items will be well protected and well cared for. Even in the event of a worst-case scenario you can receive compensation for your move. Accidents happen and even the best mover can sometimes cause damages.

There are a few ways that you can check into a mover’s insurance policy before you sign a contract:

The website: Many top movers will display information about their insurance policies on their website. This level of transparency ensures that a local mover is able to attract more businesses was display all of the information on their insurance policy for prospective clients. If you can find information on the insurance policy online you can see exactly what you might be covered for as well as total up the value of the items that you are moving to make sure that you will be compensated even if something very valuable might get damaged. Using the search feature on a movers website or going through the business information pages can help you find a wealth of insurance policy information.

Calling the mover: In many cases movers will have special customer service representatives to answer these types of inquiries. By calling up your mover you can have your question answered quickly or have someone call you back with a definitive answer on the insurance policy coverage that is offered through particular mover.

Contacting by email: By contacting a mover through email or the contact form on a website, it is possible to receive fairly immediate answers from the help of customer service representatives. Contacting a customer representative by e-mail can ensure that you have written proof of the represented insurance policy online.

Check the fine print: Often times a moving company will display their insurance policy coverage in the fine print of any moving contract. This ensures that the company has all of the information in writing if they do have to utilize the policy.

Keep some of these options in mind for checking the insurance policy for a particular company before signing a contract.

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